A Great Day…

Yesterday evening marked a great day here at the Gulch…

As the Real Townie Shower came temporarily into service for the first time since late November.

Ian’s Cave never gets very cold in winter, being made of lots of concrete and buried under lots of sand. But it isn’t actively heated and I’m a wuss about getting naked and wet in the cold, so as the interior temperature gradually drops in early winter my desire to use the shower gradually diminishes to nothing. Then in late winter/early spring the temperature equally gradually increases, usually to the point where I start eyeing the shower in late March or early April. But in this case…

…since the bedroom heater is out of action I have an embarrassment of propane with no other assigned purpose. Nothing stopped me from bringing one of those bottles to the Cave and expending most of it into the bathroom with the door closed. And in the fullness of time…

…the shower was on the cool side of useable. So last thing yesterday I resumed my summertime habit of running Tobie’s evening walkie past Ian’s Cave and having a nice shower, the first of the year.

Oh goodness you have no idea what a luxury a Real Townie Shower is until you’ve gone most of two decades without one.

Of course it can’t last unless I’m willing to blow all my propane on the project. There is one hell of a lot of thermal mass in the Cave to syphon off the heat from the room, and the bathroom temperature was already down more than ten degrees this morning. I don’t begin to have the wherewithal to artificially heat the whole place up. But still. I got a nice shower, and I’ll probably do it again while waiting for real spring.

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3 Responses to A Great Day…

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you had a ready source of cheap hay bales you could make yourself a dandy insulated adobe shower hut. With the south wall painted black and covered in with old window glass venting the warm air into the hut, it would be a cinch to top off with gas heat for a townie shower in winter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A hot shower can be a little taste of Heaven.
    Tree Mike

  3. Feralfae says:

    Coming out of three weeks of climbing in the Winds, checking in to a hotel in town, and turning on actual streaming warm water, and scrubbing while my entire body began to relax in the warmth, is a sensation I will always count among the best times of my life. Hope you can figure out how to make showers more available all year. Knew a guy who lived in the Winds who ran a coil of copper tubing through his wood stove for warm winter showers on solar power. Feralfae

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