A License to Live

I start my day in the land of the formerly free to the news that Fremont, Nebraska has awakened to the dire threat of aliens among us. They’re taking our jobs! They’re … I don’t know, ogling our women or something. I suppose they’ve taken the enlightened view that simply authorizing police to shoot brown people on sight might have an unintended consequence or two, so they’ve done the logical thing: They’ve simply decided to oppress everybody equally.

Yes, in the sylvan hamlet of Fremont it is now necessary to obtain a license from the city if you wish to rent a place to live. Presumably a white person speaking English with an American accent and clutching a handful of paper properly in order will have no difficulty paying the fee and obtaining the license – for now. But watch out, you alien critters! Your days of running around loose – or at least having a roof over your head – in Fremont are numbered, amigo!

I feel much safer now.

This is coupled by a requirement that employers use the federal E-Verify system to ensure that all prospective employees, not just the brown ones, are in the country legally. This is a perfectly wise move and will prove consequence-free for everyone, because everybody knows the federal government’s flawless record dealing with lists.

People who are so irrationally concerned about “illegal aliens” that they would hand this sort of power to unaccountable and proven incompetent/corrupt/power-mad governments just amaze me. Do they truly believe these restrictions will only be used to oppress the brown people that repel them, and never have any blowback on their own lives? Don’t they have any sense of history at all? Can’t they think of any other uses a list like E-Verify could be put to?

People who think that it would be good to prevent other people from getting employment or a place to live unless the government has vetted them for “legal” status have handed the government all the power it needs to issue us all a license to live.

Since I’ll be living in their dream world too, I curse them for it.

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4 Responses to A License to Live

  1. Spooner comes to mind here:

    “that it [the Constitution] has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.”

    Well, that, and Niemoller.

  2. CorbinKale says:

    It’s too late to fix the system by working within the system. The only way out of it is through it.

    It’ll come back around in a few generations. Wheel keeps turning, and here we are, stuck on the rim.

    I have a terrible feeling that things are going to get medieval before they get better.

  3. Pat H. says:

    Therein is the problem.

    What does one do when ones country is being invaded by another country who is sending over one million “troops” of invasion to our country each year?

    Obviously the best place to interdict such an invasion is at the border, but the US government has refused to do its required duty to do that.

    Where should the next “line” be drawn?

  4. Joel says:

    Is this really something you want to deal with in terms of invasions and troops? I’ve dealt with an awful lot of Latinos, many of whom I suspect were not here legally, since moving to the SW (and california.) Every single one I’ve dealt with, professionally or personally, was just trying to honestly earn some money by working his ass off.

    Yes, I’ve heard all the stories about welfare whores, “anchor babies” and vicious street gangs. I don’t doubt there’s some truth to those stories, but what the “illegal immigrants are making the sky fall” types always fail to mention is the honest semi-literates driven here because they can’t make a living at home. And that’s 100% of the ones I’ve actually met and worked with.

    I have to judge from my personal experience, rather than what-all Pat Buchanan and the Minutemen tell me. And that experience tells me I’ve just got nothing against these people. So I really don’t like the “invasion” metaphor.

    Are there financial costs to having them here? You bet your ass. But who mandated that those costs should exist? Who took our money and established the welfare state, to the detriment of existing charities? Who demanded that hospitals give their product away free? Who forces all children, even the ones who can’t speak English, to attend public (taxpayer-paid) schools? Who closed the borders, made work visas impossible to get, and drove immigrants into the desert where they have no choice if they’re coming but to violate personal property? Who punishes property defense so severely that ranchers are afraid to do anything but watch Coyotes and drug-runners wreck their fences and kill their stock? It wasn’t the immigrant workers that did those things, it was our own beloved government. Yet somehow it’s all the immigrants’ fault.

    Look, if my family is starving where I am and there’s work where you are, I’m coming where you are. That’s not an invasion, it’s just a biological imperative. There are benefits to having them here, at least those who came to work. As for the rest: Shut down the freebies, pull the rug out from under the drug-runners by legalizing their product, and the parasites will go home or starve.

    Oh, and stop punishing people for shooting predators. That one’s important, because visitors should remain polite.

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