A perplexing – and very annoying – new problem.

Saturday I cut out the OSB for The Secret Lair’s windows. Sunday – just out of excess caution, not expecting any problem at all – I asked M to help me hoist the one window I have on site into the window frames, just to confirm that the frames are right.

The frames are wrong. One of the frames is way wrong.

This came as a shock, because we brought the window to the site last year when we first built the walls, and the building of the walls was overseen by two very exacting carpenters. Problems with the window frames was the last thing I expected. That’s why I brought the window down, to be sure the frame dimensions would be right on. But it seems they weren’t all that exacting on that particular day.

Sigh – so this morning’s project is to make the frames right. Claire and I are scheduled to install the windows tomorrow, it being a two-person job. Right now that would be impossible.

Ah, well. Into each life some inexact measurement must fall. I really should have made sure the frames were right before I cut out the OSB, though. Now I’ve got a bigger problem to fix.

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4 Responses to A perplexing – and very annoying – new problem.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t say if they were to big, or to small, and by how much.

    To small and you can make them bigger, to large same thing. Is it all of them or just one window?

    I have answers but need more info and I may be to late in replying.


  2. Joel says:

    Well, if the frames were too small that would be more than annoying. That would be “dismantle part of the wall and start over.” Fortunately all the frames – every single one – are too large.

    I spent the morning cutting and fitting lumber to make them the right size.

    Y’know, stuccoing this baby isn’t going to be any fun, but I’m sure glad I decided on stucco. There are many sins to cover. 8^}

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are right, to big was better than to small. Retired after 40 years of bending nails, actually the last 15 sitting in the truck.

    Stucco will hide the sins for sure. I kinda assumed that they were flange windows rather than inset.

    When you see Claire tomorrow ask her if she still has the tile saw I sent years ago? ;-0


  4. Joel says:

    Yup, all flange windows. Three of them actually designed to go in a house, the others recycled from a decommissioned RV.

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