Aaand it’s snowing.

Right at the moment it’s snowing like hell but I think the ground is still too warm for any accumulation. I’ve been wrong before – quite recently in fact, when I believed the forecast of dry weather for today.

The mud is heading for “best of” classification.

Visibility was down to a mile or two before it started to snow.

I know I’m a weirdo – I truly love it here and a normal person wouldn’t. But I make exception for when the weather’s wet. When the mud starts really taking hold, you remember the glories of paved surfaces and this place starts to suck.

I have to say, though: A roofed porch was what this cabin needed, and I didn’t even know it. Sit outside on summer evenings while the cabin takes its time cooling off? Sure, obviously, but the sun isn’t the only thing a roof keeps at bay and I can go the better part of a year without thinking about that. A transition zone between indoors and wet, yucky outdoors is a really nice luxury I didn’t know I was missing.

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6 Responses to Aaand it’s snowing.

  1. anonymous says:

    An overhead cover when the sun or rain is beating down makes being outdoors much more comfortable. A thunderstorm can be enjoyed (well, the dogs and cats sure do look a bit alarmed now…) and appreciated far more than walling yourself inside.

    Try and stay dry and warm sir …

  2. Eric says:

    Hey brother the weather could be worse, we were supposed to get between 0″-3″ inches of snow between last night and 9am this morning. Yeah right it’s 11:30 and it’s still snowing and my last measurement was 8″.

  3. drjh says:

    read that terrible rainstorms are coming to the southwest

  4. Jim Price says:

    Before winter is over I expect to see a photo of a snowman standing in front of the lair.

  5. matismf says:

    With Laddie turning his “feet” yellow, Jim Price?


  6. Norman says:

    The things one never misses because one does not know about them; I always considered “mud rooms” a frivolity conjured up by builders looking to add the income from another hundred square feet to the bill. There’s “outside” and “inside,” what else is there to need?

    Then I got one. Damn handy and useful space, it is, especially when coupled with enough external overhang to legitimately earn the moniker “porch” (which, in its own right, deserves more respect than is usually given).

    Amazing all the things that civilization has delivered, ain’t it? I’ll sure miss it when the Democrats ban it.

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