All there is to talk about is the weather…

Also pretty common this time of year, just sitting out winter. Except for walkie time, of course…

Story of a once-in-a-lifetime miracle: I actually correctly predicted the short-term weather for once. We got wind all day yesterday, big wind after dark, and I was not surprised to have to sweep off the porch and stairs before anything could get done this morning. Not much more than a dusting of snow, but snow.

Colder than it’s been for a couple of weeks, actually – the clouds cleared away again and it got down to the mid-teens by rising.

Back down in the Lair’s hollow I thought I was just going to easily sweep off the light dry snow from the solar panels but it seems we had a little freezing rain before the snow. So I’ll wait for the sun to clear the ice before I start expecting the batteries to recharge. After yesterday’s nice sunny day they’re in good shape anyway.

And inside…

I admit I mostly haven’t even been bothering with a morning fire lately. It’s late in the winter, hasn’t been very cold, and I’m acclimatized and mostly just walk around in layers all day. But this morning deserved a nice hot fire to get the day started.

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