And then, depression set in – Pt 2

So this morning I’m down in the Meadow House helping Landlady do some wiring. We installed the breaker box, I stripped a bunch of wire, then she went to work wiring the box while M and I installed outlets. M went up to the ridge for something, and I heard the tractor start. No problem, I’d told him the engine was running but the clutch was FUBAR and I didn’t know why. I couldn’t see the tractor from the window I was looking through, but I heard it running.

And then…the tractor slowly backed into my view. With M in the driver’s seat.

Needless to say, I awaited his return with something closely resembling impatient anticipation.

Me: What did you do? How’d you get it to go into gear?

M: Oh, I put it in gear before I started it.

Me: Yeah, okay, but then it wouldn’t stop when you stepped on the clutch, right?

M: No. It stopped fine.

Me: HUH? How the $#@! did the ^$^&* stop when the (*&^@$ wasn’t *&^@$! working? That’s so @#$%ing )&*^$ed up I can’t even ^$^&*%$ believe this !@#$%^. (I said this very calmly.)

And now, having jogged off whatever gear tooth the transmission was having trouble engaging/disengaging from, the tractor works…just…fine.

I’m keeping him around until his golden aura of invincible luck goes away. Then I’m gonna murder him in his sleep.

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2 Responses to And then, depression set in – Pt 2

  1. Mayberry says:

    HA! I hate it when that happens, ha ha! A co-worker went to start (steal) the Kawasaki Mule I was using and couldn’t get it to start. I jumped on and it fired right up. One of those “go figure” moments….

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Hmmmm, I hate when that happens too. I almost threw out one of those cordless vacuum things – until I realized that the charger unit had become unplugged. How that happened is a mystery, since it was hidden behind a rack of tools, but even the most unlikely things CAN happen.

    Glad the tractor works, however it happened, and that you won’t have to dig the Panama Canal by hand. 🙂

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