And this is why, if I catch you dumping a dog in the desert…

…I will at least consider doing something to help you remember why that’s bad and evil.

To be honest I don’t know how this dog got lost out here; maybe he was dumped, maybe he strayed on his own. He had a collar but no tag, so there was no way of contacting owners. He came into the yard of some neighbors, who called other neighbors, who kindly took him to a vet to try to save him but could not: The damage was too extensive, too far gone, and he was already starved and dehydrated unto death.

I’ve never personally seen one, but we do have porcupines. Unpleasant photo below the fold. 🙁

According to the neighbors who took him in care, the quills were far more than surface level; they were all through his tongue and throat and we don’t have quite that good a vet in our area. Boot Hill now has a “Tomb of the Unknown Dog” annex.

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5 Responses to And this is why, if I catch you dumping a dog in the desert…

  1. Ben says:

    Oh goodness that’s sad. But yes, he may very well have legitimately wandered off from his home. After his encounter with the porcupine, he may have been too hurt and addled to find his way home. That’s a good reason for a pet to at least be tagged with the owner’s phone number.

  2. Claire says:

    Oh, that’s so sad. I’m glad one of the neighbors took him in and was kind enough to (I assume) have him euthanized. Did you really bury him with the others on Boot Hill?

  3. Joel says:

    I didn’t, Linda did and then sort of sought buy-in later. She says she wants a fenced area inside the fenced area for “it’s not really family but needs a decent burial anyway” kinds of things. Not sure if Landlady is totally on board yet.

  4. Sorry about the dog. Virtually every dog I ever had up here was dumped off in the woods and found this place. They all stayed on and paid their way in the way dogs do. Couldn’t sleep a wink out here in these woods without my dogs.

  5. Spud says:

    I trust in the loyalty my of my pup and wife. Most folks deserve neither. Especially those which would abandon either.

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