And we’re back.

I wonder, if Trump is president long enough, whether we’ll finally learn what he believes (other than “trump for prez”) and what he plans to actually do. For a guy who’s not a politician, he has made promises on both sides of pretty much every issue in a most confusingly alacritous way. It may be a scary ride, it may bring about the zombie apocalypse, but at the rate he’s going we’re unlikely to ever run out of blog filler. Also, Hillary Clinton is still not president.


I left the Jeep on Landlady’s ridgetop over the whole week, connected to the Battery Minder. So if the old starter battery can be rehabilitated, it certainly ought to be by now. Connected to the powerhouse where the Jeep was plugged in is the Big Chickenhouse, so I was able to look in on Landlady’s pullets. They were all present, nestled snug on their roosts, fluttering and muttering “turn off the damn light. Were you born in a house?” So they’re okay. I frankly got busy and didn’t bother checking in on the Fortress of Attitude hens, but I’d have heard from Neighbor D if anything had gone wrong there and anyway Seymour’s cheerfully crowing away out there. Eh, I’ll check on them when it’s light.

Yesterday was cold and snowy at the Gulch. It was clear overnight and the temp got down into the mid-teens. Not terribly cold but cold enough to let me know I was well and truly back from the big city in the low-altitude warm place. I still have about a zillion SF books and guy movie DVDs to find shelf space for before I can ever hope to use my reading chair again, so I guess that’s job #1 for the morning. Also have to bake bread this morning, some of which I’ll take to Former Weekender Neighbor L (still need a better blog name for her) as thanks for taking care of the pullets. It’s supposed to be warmer today, so hopefully by the time I have to stir around the neighborhood things will have warmed up … substantially.

LB says he’s never leaving his bed again, never ever ever. But I’ve a feeling that when his favorite thing comes around (rhymes with “deep fried”) he’ll have changed his mind.

Update later, probably.

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  1. M Ryan says:

    I have the same fears when I travel of coming home to face “issues” that you do Joel. I guess that it’s normal because the house sitter, whoever that is, can’t be there 24/7.

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