Another day in paradise…

Yup, it’s July. This past weekend has been an exercise in waiting for the sun to go down.



Hey, it was a whole half degree cooler indoors yesterday!

One factor contributing to Tobie’s newfound acceptance of Jeep rides is that it’s the only way he can leave the cabin in mid-day without physical pain…

We had to give up afternoon walkies of any substantial length because the heat of the sand on his paws drove him to frantic rebellion. “I’m sitting right here in the shade of this juniper for the rest of my life and there’s nothing you can do about it! Just deliver my meals here from now on.”

This sort of thing used to be one of the crosses I willingly if grumblingly bore as the price of living in what is in most other respects an extreme introvert’s paradise. If you want to live in a place that normal people avoid, expect downsides.

Ah! But this summer, thanks to Landlady’s obstinate persistant labor and expense, there’s a new luxury that makes it all so much less unpleasant…

You don’t know (until you explore all the wrong ways, which we did) how much it takes to achieve an actual townie shower with our nonexistent electrical and heating infrastructure and unbelievably hard well water. But having achieved it – well. Except that I lived without them (mostly) happily for the past fifteen years I am almost tempted to add Real Townie Showers to electricity, indoor plumbing, and thermostats on my list of gadgets that aren’t strictly necessary for life but almost may as well be, because they’re each such improvements to life.

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6 Responses to Another day in paradise…

  1. Bill T says:

    I can see your point. I have always maintained that for myself anyways, if I have a decent bathroom and kitchen I don’t really care about the rest of the house.

  2. Alvin says:

    Not much help in January, but for summer an outdoor shower might be useful, assuming it’s constructed in such a manner as to allow the necessary pipe and shower head cleanings (6% cleaning vinegar works wonders with hard water) and the opportunity to enclose it at a future date.

    Your rooftop water heater, coupled with a very well insulated storage tank or two (an old water heater?) might be enough to keep it warm enough for winter. Summer tap water here is ~80-82F so no heat is needed; winter tap water is 46F, I’ve found if I can get it above 90F that’s good enough.

  3. Terry says:

    They make booties for dogs to mitigate the heat, not too expensive.

  4. Steve Walton says:

    Man, I wished it was only 100F last week. It got to that in a few hours and peaked at 110F — for five days straight. I’m at 3700′. Down in the town, in the river valley at 700′, they were reporting 122F for three days.

    Normal is 88 to 92.

  5. boynsea says:

    101 at 21:00 here in N AZ, has not been below 100 during the days for over two weeks.
    It’s called “summer in the desert”, but my temperature tolerance band keeps getting narrower.
    May have something to do with aging?

    In just a few months I’ll be bitching about the cold.

  6. boynsea says:

    Oh, and the booties for dogs are great, if only the dogs would tolerate them. Tried them for ours, but they walked funny and kept trying to shake the “stuff” off their feet until they managed to shed them. Then went back to high stepping when outside ’cause the ground was toasty.

    Their pee breaks were short!

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