Arming the Enemy

Another reason not to buy Glocks? We report, you decide.

Once I got over my “steel-frame only” dinosaur mindset, my only objection to Glocks was that they were butt-ugly. Nobody can reasonably cling to the fantasy that they’re not perfectly reliable pistols, because they are. But they’re still about as pretty as a mud wall.

Still – and even though I recognize that it’s none of my business – I do wish gun manufacturers would stop selling to their natural enemies…and mine.

I’m capable of taking this to absurd extremes, which I don’t try to advocate to others. For example, I crave an OKC RAT-3 knife, even though my $30 Gerber Freeman is perfectly suitable. RATs are sexier.

But I don’t own one, because RATs are associated (in my mind, at least) with these people, who proudly advertise themselves as an “ATF Licensed Vendor”……which isn’t a huge plus in my book. I just really, really hate the ATF and what it’s done to abuse shooters over the decades. How anybody who does business with shooters can bring themselves to advertise – let alone have – an association with the shooters’ sworn enemy…

Well, it is a puzzlement.

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4 Responses to Arming the Enemy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll console myself with the knowledge that my dead enemy’s ammo & mags will work just fine in MY pistol.


  2. I can’t decide…my government has already done that for me and they said NO to everyone, thats cool that it’s not “personal”.

  3. Pat H. says:

    Take a look at Extrema Ratio Knives for interesting blades. I have one of their NATO standard bayonets and can say that the quality is second to none.

  4. M J says:

    Take heart it is not as bad as it appears. One of the reasons that various federal agencies and police forces give their people Glocks is simplicity. It’s kind of like the way revolvers used to be with police, the adage being “Cops use revolvers because they are not smart enough to use automatics.” With the safety built into the trigger and the striker being on half cock all the time there is a greater likelihood of the Federals pulling guns out of the holsters with fingers on triggers and shooting themselves.

    Too bad about Rat Knives, they made a quality product. Ah well there are a lot of other manufactures that have as good, if not better products.

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