Being very pleased with myself today…

I got the short (front) wall done, except for finishing the window frame. Thin knotty cedar tongue-and-groove, and you’d hunt me down wherever I hid if I told you what I paid for it. I had to put up the siding as I insulated the wall, because the insulation for that wall consists of a very large amount of cast-off clothing. The siding was originally made to cover fancy garage doors in a city, but somebody screwed up and shipped several pallets of seconds. A lot of it is too warped to use in its full length. A friend bought it all cheap and transported it here, used what he wanted and had beaucoup left over. I’ve been waiting to use this stuff for a long time – I didn’t start getting excited about the project till I found it was available because I hate drywall with a heaving, whinnying, foam-flecked passion.

That wall looks pretty and it isn’t even finished yet. 8^)

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4 Responses to Being very pleased with myself today…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice! Who knew desert curmudgeons had such good taste. You’ll enjoy that. Keep those pics coming please. K

  2. Why it is almost as nice looking as your blog Joel. ;O) (sorry I couldn’t resist)

    That does look beautiful Joel would you have to treat it with a linseed type oil or is it pretty well maintenace free?

  3. Joel says:

    It shouldn’t actually need any maintenance at all. I’m going to treat it all with tung oil in future, just for looks.

  4. suek says:

    Not sure why you have such a hatred of drywall…but your cedar wall sure looks nice. No question!!

    And you shouldn’t have any problem with bugs!

    (verify word is cedrants. Heh.)

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