Biggest snowfall yet

Not by any means a huge snowfall – hell, we got 10″ almost exactly a year ago – but it’s by far the biggest of this so-far very dry winter.

There was some overnight wind so I don’t know how accurate this is, but this is my burn barrel lid so it’s not drifted up.

View from the porch…

Oh, bother. If the forecast is right and this bit of cold and wet is just a blip in the warmish and dry February we’ve had to date, here comes the mud.

I hate mud.

I hated it more without the yellow Jeep, whose windows I should most definitely have rolled up last night.

After a quick walkie with a dangerously excited Tobie, you know what time it is, kids…

That’s right! No cheating today, Joel: Up that ladder and clean off every inch, because I’m not at all sure we’re going to get any direct sunlight today even though the forecast still says we are. In fact the weather page says we’re at “mostly sunny” right now, when it’s thick overcast from horizon to horizon. Maybe they know something I don’t. That happens.


Trudge around in the unfamiliar snow till you’ve done your duty, then you can drag your old ass back inside to have some breakfast and explain to Tobie why he’s not getting a long walkie this morning.

And oh by the way…

In October I got a big care package dump including some insulated BDUs I didn’t expect to use very often if at all. Even in this quite mild winter I need to say how wrong I was about that: It’s just too damned convenient to pull on the pair of insulated pants I’ve kept in the closet, rather than wear my usual much thinner BDUs and curse the cold. They’re really nice to have, and it’s not even very cold. But a little wind goes a long way.

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One Response to Biggest snowfall yet

  1. Mike says:

    Joel, being the same age you are, I’ve come to loath the winter and love anything that mitigates the cold. I already have a pair of canvas insolated pants I wear when dealing with nature’s winter white bounty. I’m surprised you haven’t dragged the insulated BDU pants out before.

    I see from the Jeep photo it’s back. I’m curious, what was the final tally on the transmission?

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