…But here’s something I can count on him to get right…

Hey, remember two years ago when Tobie joined us, and he was lay-down-and-piss-himself afraid of Jeep rides? Well…

That was then. This is the now, in which the four most sacred words in Tobie’s vocabulary are “go for a ride,” in that exact order.

Yeah, we’ve been going to S&L’s every morning and evening to take care of their cat and chickens while they’re on a trip. Still a puppy, Tobie is enormously distractible and the current plague of rabbits tests his ability to obey several times daily. But rabbits are no match for the lure of the open Jeep door, after he hears the Sacred Words.

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4 Responses to …But here’s something I can count on him to get right…

  1. boynsea says:

    “Don’t know how coyotes do it”
    Meant to post this before but got sidetracked: I remember being told that when Mom and Dad were posted in Louisiana at the end of WW2, they had no AC, so they hung wet sheets in the open windows, especially on the breezy side. Claimed it “helped”. Makeshift swamp cooler?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ya’ll got a purty Jeep, boy. You must have just washed it. I don’t think you’ve ever posted a picture of what it must look like every day. Kind of an off-brown with swirls, I’d imagine.

  3. AZDave says:

    Makes me wish I still had my CJ-A. But riding around in my restored 1966 Meyers Manx will have to take it’s place.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I mean just a plain everyday dirty Jeep. Of course we’ve seen it busted and dirty.
    And just the outside. The inside is filthy; how could it be otherwise?
    Ok, I rate my comment one star, and only because you can’t give zero stars. Because I guess ‘zero’ doesn’t exist, just as it doesn’t exist to those knobs that said the 21st century didn’t start until THE NEXT YEAR.
    That’s cray-cray.

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