Can a dog be a Calvinist?

Here’s some TUAK news: We’re getting a new Official TUAK Computer. The existing one is still in excellent physical condition aside from the letters being worn off the homerow keys, but it no longer measures up to the strict requirements of the Modern Internet. The new one is purchased and delivered and all set up, but sort of stuck in transit to the Gulch.

Since it is different from what I’m used to, and my creaky brain has trouble with computers doing “different” things, I thought this morning I should get in training by attempting to post something more than text paragraphs using an unfamiliar system. And so the preceding post, with its links and multiple cut’n’pasted blocks, is brought to you courtesy of an Android tablet BB gave me back in April but which I seldom use online.

I got it done, but in the process some bad words were heard in the land. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with a wireless keyboard while the tablet was propped on the nightstand. Laddie was curled up beside me (we’ll work on how to insert photos another time) and became noticeably uncomfortable at my frequent displays of agitation. After I declared eventual victory and hit the Publish button I reached over to scratch his ears, and I swear he rolled his eyes at me and gave a look that said as clear as speech, “I forgive you. But will God?”

Oh, dear. I’ve had this problem before – even in my own bed. But never from a dog.

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To the stake with the heretic!