Care Packages! Oh, my god, so many care packages!

Landlady stopped by on the road north, and mentioned in a text that she had a “metric ton” of packages for me.

She wasn’t exaggerating…

Where to begin? You guys are making me work.

How about Jim Price?

He sent a big box of winter clothes, mostly surplus. Featuring…

Winter BDUs, with liners. Not the sort of thing you need every day or even every winter. But one day – probably soon – I’ll be forced to climb under the Jeep in the snow, and on that day I’ll bless his name. Bunch of other stuff in that box…

Some nice flannel shirts, bunch of BDU trous in various patterns, some t-shirts, and one of those nice English commando sweaters that will most definitely get used.

Camera stuff!

A good tripod, a 25mm compact lens, and a really nice smaller case for when you don’t want to haul it all. Sweet!

Terrapod sent some parts I need to get the Jeep back on six cylinders…

There’s some splicing and soldering in my immediate future.

Speaking of clothing, I’m not sure who sent me a nice pair of green BDUs but somebody did…

I keep saying I’m transitioning away from surplus camo pants to solid green. And people keep sending me surplus camo that has the great virtue of being free. But that just means I can keep the solid-color pants nice for trips to town, I guess.

I got a couple of books with a very nice note…

…and I’m sad to admit I don’t know who Sarah is, but she has excellent taste in literature and I haven’t read either of these. Yet.

1911 boomer gun leather!

Some of this will get shared around the neighborhood.

Camera batteries!

Mark Mattis sent a selection of seat cushions for Tobie to shred, not that I plan to give him the chance but sometimes he makes his own chances…

Here’s a laptop accessory I seem to recall someone mentioning in comments, and then I forgot all about it until it showed up here…

A DVD player for the Macbook! I’m going to try this out as soon as I finish this post. If I can get it working it’ll solve an issue that’s been a small annoyance for years.

Big Brother sent food for Tobie and Uncle Joel…

That’s enough treats to keep us both in snackies for a while, along with a couple of cans of French Roast from Landlady to help Uncle Joel get less grouchy in the morning.

And I think that was everything. If I missed something I’m going to feel really bad, because this was awesome. Thanks for thinking about me, guys!

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8 Responses to Care Packages! Oh, my god, so many care packages!

  1. Judy says:

    If you missed something you will just have to make another post. That would hurt my feeling…Not.
    Thanks everybody, for keeping our favorite desert hermit and side-kick in goodies.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    Didn’t realize the chair size. When those need replacement, I’ll try to go smaller.

  3. Terrapodt says:

    Sarah is the author of one of those books, along with some guy named Larry 😉

    Get to those injector cables before the snow flies. I would have sent you some self sealing self soldering connectors if I had thought of it before. Soldering the wires and using some silicone seal ant and a bit of heat shrink (you do have some I hope), will work just fine.

  4. SLee says:

    The green BDUs and the DVD player were supposed to have a note inside. Oh well, glad you like them!

  5. Robert says:

    Nice clothes!

    Joel, you gonna share that canine-recipe roasted bison ‘n venison with Tobie or keep it all for yourself? 🙂 Our feline stranger-danger alarm critters are of the opinion that ANY food is also their food…

  6. Uncle Joel, here’s Sarah’s blog:
    I read it pretty often, too.

  7. Joel says:

    I have no real reason to believe my Sarah is that Sarah. Though that would be extremely cool. 🙂

  8. Regarding clothing, what sizes are you? Waist/inseam? L or XL shirts/coats/jackets? Hat size? Boot size? Gloves M, L, XL?

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