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Courtesy of Landlady, who originally bought it for Magnus, years ago, and found it while cleaning out one of the barn’s attic spaces last weekend. I can imagine how Magnus reacted to it.
And yes, that is LB’s “You’ll never sleep another peaceful night” look. But he might actually wear it under some load, once he decides it’s not just a plot to kill him. It would be nice to have some cargo capability, if only for extra water during long walkies. My legs aren’t what (or even where) they ought to be.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We used to go on wilderness canoe trips with our dog. She had a pack just like yours. She would carry her own food in it. It would take her a few minutes to adjust her sense of balance and about a day to get used to the idea that she was wider than normal with the pack on but she had no trouble with it after that.

    I still miss her even after all these years.

  2. Sometimes I miss having “real” dogs…my two could fit in those pockets and would expect me to carry them after the first five Kilometers or so…

    Cattleman is currently looking at one of these babies for his babies while driving HIS baby.

    We got it backwards me thinks.

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