Chilly morning…

Our window of September-like weather may be ending. But if so it’s doing it in a rather polite manner. Woke up to high 20’s.

Got a lovely view of the late crescent moon and (Venus, I think) while accompanying Tobie out for an early pee. But the phone wasn’t up to the snapshot.

Speaking of carrying the phone everywhere I go: Neighbor L has, with some justification, grown a bit paranoid about being all by herself. She has as impressive a record of falling down and breaking bones as D has, and now there’s nobody there to yell to for help. Not only has she never made fun of me for carrying my phone everywhere AND also constantly wearing an earpiece so I’ll be sure to hear it when it calls, but she has now also insisted on a new policy of texting me every time she finishes up evening barn chores to say she’s okay. AND she insists that I promptly reply, and that if I don’t get that text I’m to assume she’s NOT okay and come right over to see what’s wrong. And I’m going along with that, because it’s really not a bad policy under the circumstances.

The perils of storing things in large packages: A long time ago a Generous Reader gave me five pounds of Kona dark roast, which has been stored very carefully in a cool dark place until this morning. I don’t chug down coffee by the pot the way I did 10-15 years ago and it took me a while to get to it.

This morning I filled my coffee can with the fragrant beans and that left me with what I hope won’t be a problem…

Coffee isn’t the greatest long-storage commodity. It doesn’t go bad exactly but it does start losing its savor as soon as you unseal the package. Kind of makes me wish I had one of those shrinkwrap gadgets but that’s not a wish I feel very often. This is going into a sealed plastic bag and then into Ian’s fridge where I hope it’ll be okay until I need it again in a few months.

Speaking of commodities…

During the morning walkie I either learned something a propane bypass regulator can do that I didn’t know about or I had a senior moment. I walked past Ian’s propane station and would have sworn the indicator had gone red. I’ve been waiting for that, since the current bottle is at least damn near empty. But when I came back on the return trip…

…the indicator was still green. Or green again? Maybe I just expected it to be red and so that’s what I saw? I’m pushing 70 and my memory isn’t what it used to be but I (sincerely hope I) haven’t slid into delusions just yet.

Speaking of other commodities, Tobie got a twofer…

After a nice long walkie we went straight to the Jeep ride portion of the morning’s festivities. Drove out to where I’d stashed a bunch of cut juniper four years ago and loaded up the back. Once things warm up a bit more I’ll go out and make noise and sawdust. This should be more than enough to finish off the third tier, after which I’ll feel a little better about winter coming on.

And winter’s coming on…

Or so says my mostly-useless pear tree which finally turned, practically overnight. Next good gust of wind and it’ll be bare branches. Sigh.

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6 Responses to Chilly morning…

  1. Mike says:

    It’s nice that your neighbour has someone to call.

    As for the propane, the propane in the tanks is compressed and when under pressure it takes a liquid form. Like any liquid, the volume of LP gas changes with temperature. That’s why you got one reading in the morning during your walk and another a little later in the day when it was warmer.

  2. ka9vsz says:

    Joel: your memory isn’t totally shot; you remember where you stashed wood four years ago.
    You’re pushing 70 and I’m older than…wait, I forgot my point. 🙂

  3. Now that Im older, I do a lot of thinking about the hereafter….I walk into a room and go “Now, what was I here after?”

  4. ka9vsz says:

    CZ: Groan. And happens to me all too often, dammit.

    Joel: I do believe if that bright “star” was visible in the ESE sky, it was indeed Venus. One of the few advantages of going to work hours before sunrise.

    Aside: DST is the work of Satan; Congress (i.e., Satan’s minions, should abolish it).

    Also, sounds to me like Neighbor L is just a wee bit understandably off-kilter. She is lucky to have you as a resource even if for no more than reassurance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Stellarium confirms that indeed it was Venus. But Jupiter and Saturn have been been pretty bright this year.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is said that as you age, memory is the first thing to go.
    I don’t remember what the second thing was.
    Also, you know you are getting really old when you wake up in the morning and the only thing stiff is your back.

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