Clearly I need to get back to practicing…

A Generous Reader who asked not to be identified sent me a big bag of home-cast .44 boolits for free. I promised a review, and here it is.

I weighed about 40 of them at random and they are quite as consistent as any commercial bullets I’ve given the same treatment, actually better than the box I’m currently loading from. If they fill the mold consistently they can probably be relied on for stability. Loaded twenty rounds with 7.4 grains of Ramshot True Blue and went out to the target stand in my yard…

Wow them groups fall apart when you step away for a couple of months. I have no explanation for that one flyer: I didn’t call it but it’s almost certainly just me pulling a shot. Now that my components are replenished I really need to shoot more often. Also practice on paper, which is a lot less forgiving than steel.

Either way, as far as I can tell these bullets are great. Thanks very much!

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One Response to Clearly I need to get back to practicing…

  1. Mike says:

    As long as you can place two to the centre of mass and a third to the head in quick succession, this ain’t that bad. Remember, target shooting and real life are two separate animals.

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