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If you’re a regular reader, you know Uncle Joel ain’t made of money. The Internet, however, is. I’d appreciate your help keeping the blog going, which means keeping my provider account going.

But Uncle Joel lives where the mail truck don’t go. If you’re interested in helping with a small donation, please either hit the “Donate” button on the sidebar or drop me a line at joel(at)joelsgulch(dot)com. I’ll get back to you with details right away.

And if you just want to make Uncle Joel a happy camper, visit my Amazon wish list. I’d sure appreciate that.

If you don’t already have my maildrop address, email me at Joel(at)joelsgulch(dot)com and I’ll send it to you. Thanks for reading!

22 Responses to Send Joel Stuff!

  1. :o)

    Miss you,all is settling down well here..

    Take care, hope to have time ( very very soon) to catch up on your blog. Say Hi to the others.

  2. Oh my lord love a duck, I am sloooooow, for some bizarre reason I thought that would be private……walks away red faced…..Please feel free to erase above ^

  3. Me not you says:

    Just finished Walt’s Gulch, ready to start Songs of bad men.

    Sorry to read about your past and current medical problems.

    Send your mail info, I’d gladly send something for the enjoyment I’ve gotten from your writings.

  4. johnathanc says:

    Joel, GREAT ebook! Worth every penny and written as though you were in the room speaking to me in person. Almost offered you a glass of lemonade. Ill spread the word about the book. Very down to earth, not technical and great ideas where to get stuff (the RV inverter is a brilliant idea) . I am plotting and planning my secret lair.. A great name for your shack. Keep up the good work. Write a few mre books while you’re at it.

    Cheers from Milwaukee, WI

  5. Ragnar says:

    Just gave you a shout out on my Freedom Outlaw page… (via a Jayne Cobb meme.) (You don’t have to login or be a F*c*book member to see the page.)

  6. Joel says:

    Thanks, Ragnar!

  7. Hey Joel
    I still brag to friends/family about doing the cover art for ‘Walt’s Gulch’! Will you send me info on where I can send you some FRNs?
    btw, I re-read WG and Songs from time to time – they’re proudly on my bookshelves next to Claire’s stuff (and higher praise I cannot give).

  8. zelda says:

    Joel, re your comment Feb 7 on Claire’s blog on having bags of inedible pinto beans, I left you instructions for brining beans that will make them tasty and edible without the use of a pressure cooker, crock pot or long cooking time that uses lots of fuel. It works with any type of bean.

  9. Joanne Simon Rickman says:

    Well Hello Uncle Joel haven’t talked to you in many years hope all is well

  10. jed says:

    Ya know, Amazon doesn’t exactly make this easy.
    1) Select item from Joel’s list.
    2) Select a few other items, just cuz you want to surprise old Joel
    3) Checkout
    4) Message from amazon: Wishlist item can’t be shipped to wishlist address.
    5) Delete that item
    6) Other items now can’t be shipped to Joel, using wishlist address.

    Achievement: Surprise – Blocked!

    Also, it’d never’ve occurred to me to look under the menu item for _my_ lists, to find someone else’s list. Amazon’s current web template doesn’t have any sort of obvious link for “search for registry”. Oh no. Well, OK.

    Joel’s Wish List

    So there!

    p.s. So just e-mail me your shipping address then. No, don’t expect anything. I’ll wait until this is all forgotten. 🙂

  11. Joel says:

    Whoops! Should be fixed now.

  12. Shannon says:

    OK…I tried the email and it didn’t go. I’m not tech smart…so…. Let me know what o should do. I’m retired now…so please don’t bash. Its just my email that I have. Send me how to get this to you if interested ,

  13. Joel says:

    Shannon – email sent. We must find that stuff a good home immediately.

  14. B00klegger says:

    Joel I’ll send you a camera. I can dig it up this weekend. Really good camera but no longer using it since ‘smartphones’ have become the norm. Purchased in 2008. I can send memory cards and the accessories too. Send me an email and we can get it rolling.

  15. Marie says:

    New reader, enjoy your writing very much. Cannot find your amazon wish list. Shows 0 items?

  16. Joel says:

    Uh, yeah – I’m not very organized about the wish list. Thanks for asking. You might try here.

  17. Marie says:

    Will have friend with amazon prime send it to you

  18. Marie says:

    Amazon link doesn’t have ship too address?

  19. Joel says:

    Thanks for asking. Email me at for a snailmail address.

  20. Chris Shannon says:

    Joel, Found myself thinking about you today and figured I’d reach out. Hope all is well (or kinda stable anyway). I got some stuff I can send, just reach out directly and let me know how things are and what you need.

    Chris Shannon

  21. allan says:

    Hi Joel I sent you an email about a care package, did you get it? Seemed like it had a hard time going through. Thanks Al

  22. tom says:

    I heard a joke years ago.
    In heaven:
    The French are the chefs.
    The Italians are the lovers.
    The Germans are the mechanics.
    The English are the policemen.
    The Swiss are the administrators.
    In hell:
    The English are the chefs.
    The Swiss are the lovers.
    The Italians are the mechanics.
    The Germans are the policemen.
    The French are the administrators.

To the stake with the heretic!