Duty, Honor, Country, Death By Cop.

Erik Scott won’t be going to his USMA class reunion…

Erik turned to find three officers facing him, guns drawn, and all three shouting different commands: “Get on the ground!” “Drop your weapon!” and “Keep your hands up!” Erik held his hands up, spoke calmly, told them he DID have a concealed firearm and a legal CCW and was an ex-Army officer. His girlfriend was screaming about Erik being a West Point grad, former Army officer, etc. Erik leaned to his left, hands still up, to expose the pistol inside his belt, and repeated, “I am disarming; I am disarming…” Witnesses say he started to lower his right hand, palm OUT, as if intending to remove holster and gun together — but never got the hand below his shoulder, when one of the cops (William Mosher, who had committed a fatal shooting in 2006) shot Erik in the chest with a .45-caliber weapon. Erik dropped to his knees, clearly in shock, his face a picture of disbelief. He was shot a second time and collapsed. The rest is ugly. The three officers unloaded again, firing a total of seven hollow-point rounds. At least five, possibly six, hit Erik in the back, after he was on the ground and dying.

Do you still think Mr. Policeman is your friend?

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3 Responses to Duty, Honor, Country, Death By Cop.

  1. Mayberry says:

    I’m tellin’ ya, it seems to get worse every day. More reason to stay away from the cities. I rarely leave my little peninsula these days, except to pass through the city as quickly as possible on my way to my friends and family out in the country… Soon I hope to be among them permanently.

  2. David III says:

    The lesson learned here is that you should be prepared to defend yourself even from the police, this man was murdered. If there is no safety following the police instructions then you might as well come out shooting!

  3. John B says:

    the police murdered that boy!

To the stake with the heretic!