Every Teenager Has Moments Like This.

Part of reaching adulthood is growing out of it. Peter Singer doesn’t seem to have managed that.

In the June 6 NYT, our world-famous philosopher and infanticide proponent asks the question that at least occasionally crosses every 16-year-old mind: Should This Be the Last Generation? If he can still ask that question at his age, we can only hope he hasn’t contributed to the current generation.

So why don’t we make ourselves the last generation on earth? If we would all agree to have ourselves sterilized then no sacrifices would be required — we could party our way into extinction!

Of course, it would be impossible to get agreement on universal sterilization, but just imagine that we could. Then is there anything wrong with this scenario?

Yes, Peter. There is. Our species would be extinct. That’s a big red FAIL on an epochal level, and I’d rather give it a miss if you don’t mind.

Singer’s been around for a long, long time and if it weren’t for the fact that he’s allowed near impressionable young people I’d consider his continued existence at least worth an occasional hoot. He’s a long-time animal liberationist, popularized the term Speciesism, and generally takes “the greater good for the greater number” to the extreme of including every individual being on the planet – while still dealing with the human race as a collective, of course. So since our species’ continued existence will hurt other generations unborn, if only because we’re omnivores, we should gracefully and voluntarily submit to extinction.

Yet I notice that he’s still here, year after year. I guess he’s too important to go first.

H/T to The Grey Lady.

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3 Responses to Every Teenager Has Moments Like This.

  1. Pat H. says:

    Singer is an anti-white advocate, not a human species opponent.
    Unfortunately, his ideas (and those of others) have taken hold in Europe to the extent that the racial make up of Europe is undergoing a radical change. The activities of Charles Martel in 732 and the Austrians in 1549 and other battles between those two will become moot.

    Like the Finn who thinks that Ebola and AIDS are good things to thin the human population, Singer is a sick individual who should be treated like the dangerous nutcase he is.

  2. Thanks for the link Joel. :O)

    Me thinks the Germans had more victims then the obvious, no? A child of survivors, you would think that they would Cherish and strive for conditions to guarantee existence, not go along with the original plan just altered by obliterating every soul on the planet. But then I could be making toooo much out of that, the guy is terminally depressed……

  3. Anonymous says:

    It it any wonder that there are many who would love to burn that building down and hang all of it’s occupants from handy lamp posts….

To the stake with the heretic!