Finally got a whole chore done in one go.

I spend every winter basically sitting around, which means that in spring I’m a superannuated sack of jello. Takes a while to get into some semblance of shape. Today I cut all that wood that’s been leaning against the cabin for 2-3 months.

First I had to chop up those pallets I’ve been bringing home from D&L’s expensive winter, a chore I tried once before but then had to send away for a new part for my Sawzall.

In that incident we established that the cabin’s power system will run the Sawzall but not the table saw. So a couple of days ago I brought my beloved, very expensive Honda generator, a gift from a Generous Reader five years ago, out of mothballs.

Gad, I love that thing, and treat it very gently.

Anyway: after Phase One I have a pile of old lumber and things get easier.

I get almost four full wheelbarrows out of the deal…

…and rather ironically start the warm season with 2 and a half full tiers in the woodshed.

Which will make things a lot easier in the autumn. I’m not getting any younger.

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3 Responses to Finally got a whole chore done in one go.

  1. Spud says:

    That’s why we left our paid for place in Idaho , where it took five to six full cords of real firewood to stay warm all winter.
    Here in the swamps of Floriduh, we might use a couple of your wheelbarrows full for heat !

  2. Mike says:

    Nice job Joel. It’s always better to work smart than hard.

    One question, have you ever considered adding a propane adapter to the Honda Generator? This would reduce the maintenance needed when you put the generator away because propane doesn’t gum up carbs. it also doesn’t hurt that propane is a lot cheaper than gasoline and can be stored a lot longer.

  3. RCPete says:

    I’m impressed by the Honda. I have a 1850 watt Coleman that could not start a 1 HP table saw. Later, we got a 3500 watt generator, though it’s pretty marginal for the big compressor. Age and running over 4000′ kills a fair amount of power. And yeah, I have a smaller compressor for that reason. When the nearest outlet is 250′ away, you have to get creative. One reason why I have a few hundred feet of air hose.

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