Freakishly warm this morning…

Mid-forties overnight in late January? That ain’t right. And it almost moots half of this morning’s recurring chore…

…which was supposed to be breaking up and cleaning out ice from D&L’s horse waterers. They both had doctor appointments and aren’t due back till mid-afternoon earliest. But with the temps so mild all of a sudden…

There ain’t no ice. This time yesterday there was lots of ice, but this morning there’s nada. So I just had to scrape horse apples out of the very pleasant horse-generated mud and then…

Go inside for the other reason I’ll be here three times this morning. D&L’s dogs are getting a little old, like the rest of us, and L is not sanguine about their ability to hold it from dawn to lunch. Remember that time I tried to build the bedroom floor and also babysit Ghost in his senescence? It’s like that, except they’re not quite that old and I’m not that busy.

So yeah: Not much going on here at the Gulch, which is why blogging hasn’t been very scintillating. Most of the snow melted and the mud is deep. I tried to follow that story about the SEC bailing out that grift fund that got trolled by redditors, but I never understood anything about the stock market except that it’s more complicated than “buy low sell high.” So I could slather schadenfreude all over the thought of billionaire grifters losing money to trolls – and I see that lots of people are doing that – but really it would just come down to…

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6 Responses to Freakishly warm this morning…

  1. Maybe this will help:

    I got lucky on this thing and wound up making a buncha money the other day.

  2. Mike says:

    Scrape horse apples out of the mud? Yuck! Joel, you are a better man than I am. I’d rather deal with snow and ice any day than mud and crap. I know you do what you got to do.

    The weather sure has been strange. A week ago, it was warm enough for freezing drizzle. Then two days ago, a polar vortex rolls in with cold and snow, lots of snow. Now it looks like the warmth will return in a week or so to above-average temperatures. From my perspective, it looks like the temps are going up and down like a whore’s drawers.

  3. Beans says:

    The Wall Street Thingy?


    The peasants are being punished for using the exact same tactics the elite use.

    In this case, the peasants cost the elite billions of dollars that the elite will now have the Slo Jo and Ho admin bail them out.

  4. Malatrope says:

    The stock market can be more complicated than nuclear fusion engineering, but “buy low sell high” works just fine if you don’t get too greedy. Beats the shit out of 0.03% interest rates on savings accounts, fer sure.

    You could get an online trading account (free, easy to use) and play with penny stocks an hour a day and make more than enough for a year’s propane…

  5. Lesse’ – which do I want to hear first (by Zevon):

    Seminole Bingo

    Mr. Bad Example


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