Get a load of this…

The clouds blew away around 9 but the wind persists and it’s still in the 20’s.

The wind has been blowing the sand around for days, to where tire tracks only last a few hours. The new snow is cold dry powder and once the wind has pushed that out of the way it sees no reason not to cover the brand-new snow with dirt. So all over the place there’s big patches like this…

Brown snow, not 3 hours old but already covered with dirt. This’ll be gone by mid-afternoon everywhere the sun shines, if the sun continues to shine.

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One Response to Get a load of this…

  1. Mike says:

    “gone by mid-afternoon everywhere the sun shines”

    Wish I could say the same here. There’s only a foot and a half on the ground because some melted last week. And while it’s sunny today, there’s a winter storm warning out. The prognosticators are saying that tomorrow will start with freezing rain and ice pellets. Then it will switch to snow, with the expectation being over a foot of the white stuff along with the obligatory high winds.

    Should make for an interesting evening newscast with all the accident I figure are going to happen. As for me, aside form snow blowing I plan on having a nice day indoors with a book.

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