Get a load of this.

I’d hat-tip whoever I first read this from, but TUAK must be the only site on the Interwebs that hasn’t blogged about it yet. This bit right here is just precious:

The NRA must preserve its ability to speak. It cannot risk a strategy that would deny its rights, for the Second Amendment cannot be defended without them.

‘Cause everybody knows that the NRA is the only organization out there defending the 2A. [cough]GOA, JPFO, SAF, ETC.[/cough] So it’s got to cut sweetheart deals for itself or…or…well, it just has to, that’s all. It’s got an exemption from Schumer’s treasonously unconstitutional law that Just Happens to fit one gun rights organization, leaving absolutely everybody else in the path of the bus. Sweet.

As Claire said,

[T]he NRA has made sure that it’s oh-so-special provisions ensure that some other, smaller, tougher political gun groups, like Gun Owners of America (which just happen to be growing while NRA members increasingly desert), are muzzled while the big old NRA gets to continue peddling its message of “compromise, compromise, compromise.”


I hope they choke.

Look, I know NRA does stuff with its money and congressional clout that the other, smaller organizations can’t do. It’s good that there’s one group more-or-less on our side that some congressvermin are actually afraid of; it really is. But more and more, they seem more interested in being powerful than being right.

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