Getting it done between the freezes

Neighbor D and I had to wait our turn in line for the water dispenser this morning, and we weren’t the only ones…

That 500-gallon tank took a long time to fill, 50 gallons at a time. Better him than me, but lots of people in the desert either don’t have wells at all or use trailer tanks for their livestock. I think a lot of people outside town looked at the forecast and decided this was a good day for that pesky trip to town.

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2 Responses to Getting it done between the freezes

  1. Ben says:

    500 gallons? Was that really at the coin-operated place you mentioned before?

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah but if you buy it 50 gallons at a time you don’t need to bring a roll of quarters. There’s an overhead boom with a fabric hose that dumps water fast. It’s not filtered, just comes from the town’s pipes but it’s safe to drink. Might not be after it meets whatever is growing in the tank, of course…

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