Gloom, Despair, and Agony on meeeee…

I got to D&L’s around 7:30, to find a very disgruntled couple of people. D was up on the straw pile, L was on her tractor with a pallet on the forks. Six or eight pallets were already filled with very moldy straw. It seems the huge tarpaulin they’d covered the straw with had failed in the middle, without letting them know. They figure they lost maybe $300 worth of bales.

I worked on cutting firewood until about 3, and if I could have gone another two hours I’d have finished the pile but my back is killing me. Plus it was 95+. Plus I’m old and lame and lazy. But tomorrow for sure. Then I can go out in the meadow and start over. Oy. But there’s a shower in the barn and bourbon in the bottle. I’m off to avail myself of both, possibly simultaneously.

Whose idea was this “move to the desert and be a penniless hermit” thing, anyway? I want a few minutes in a dark alley with that guy.

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To the stake with the heretic!