Good news about the Jeep

Looks like I’ll be able to fix it without waiting for mail order. I can get a radiator for about $135 from the local auto parts store, and that and a couple of hoses should set me right. There’s even the (almost certainly lying) promise of better weather on the weekend. But even when that proves a lie I can pack up my sockets and stick the Jeep’s nose in the breezeway of Landlady’s barn while I crawl around trying to figure out why the damned radiator won’t come out.

I have about that much money tucked away, so it looks like this won’t be a big drawn-out hassle.

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10 Responses to Good news about the Jeep

  1. Ben says:

    You might want to consider buying a can of ATF. You will lose at least a little when you disconnect the transmission connections.

  2. Jack says:

    A word of caution Joel, make sure you know what you’re getting for your $135. I recently had to replace a radiator in my old Dodge diesel after an unfortunate encounter with bambi. A call to the local parts house turned up a replacement for just over $200 which thrilled me as internet searches came in around $400 and up. When I picked it up I thought the box it was in was empty it was so light – the one I’d taken out of the truck was heavy enough to make me grunt when I lifted it. Removing it from the box revealed a cheesy all aluminum and plastic “mock-up” of a radiator. I’m not certain I could have gotten it out of the cardboard box and styrofoam packing without damaging it. It wouldn’t have survived an impact with a dragonfly let alone the gravel, mud, sticks and occasional suicidal jackrabbit I encounter traveling to and from my lair. It went back to the parts house and I ended up paying for the considerably more expensive brass and copper “genuine” radiator.


  3. Mike says:

    Good news indeed. One thing, Jack is right be careful about the replacement parts. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is. Caveat emptor…

  4. Joel says:

    It’s a good point. Right now it looks like it will be available on Wednesday, and I’ll look it over before I pay for it.

  5. terrapod says:

    Geez – can’tt even find “real” radiators any more – all are aluminum (thanks CAFE)

    Prices are all over the map.

  6. Ben says:

    Terrapod, I noticed the very same thing! I guess that’s just how they make them these days. given his wrench-twisting background, I think we can depend on Joel to evaluate the quality of what he is buying.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    That, dear sirs, is why I tend to go Rock Auto whenever possible. None of the house brands are worth a damn, and even the name brands somehow are missing parts when I buy those locally.

  8. Paul Joat says:

    Terrapod, they are all aluminium now because copper got expensive and welding aluminium got cheaper.

  9. Joel says:

    Yeah, seriously, I don’t believe I’ve seen a copper-core radiator in decades.

  10. Mark Matis says:

    Actually, it is our Chinese friends who brought that about. Their purchases of copper as well as concrete drove the prices of both up significantly. And if one was foolish enough to have a copper radiator now anyway, it probably would be stolen soon. Check reports of copper thefts for some entertainment. Many of the thieves are not smart enough to make sure the power is off before attempting to abscond with the merchandise…

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