Had a good day for once.

The electrical and insulation on The Secret Lair is finally coming along, making me feel better about life. I needed a bunch of little things to proceed, so I tagged along with W to town for a hardware run. After that it was too hot and windy for wrestling with insulation mats, so I finally decided to find out why the track on the Jeep’s passenger seat wouldn’t let the damned thing go back even halfway.

Took the seat out, and couldn’t find anything wrong. Took the track off the seat, and just as I was about to despair I found that itsy-bitsy rock that had wedged itself deeeeeep inside the track. Multiple banging on the track had wedged it in really good, but I finally winkled the damned thing out and everything started moving again. Lubed it up, bolted it all back together, and at last the Jeep is a two-seat conveyance again. Happy day! Took about two hours in the sun and wind, but I still got’er done.

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