Had to break out the heavy coat for afternoon chores, from sure

Stayed in the mid-thirties all day which wouldn’t have been bad at all except for the 40mph+ wind. Went out to walk the dog in just a hoodie and came back frozen after only a circuit of the driveway. So I bundled up good before visiting the chickens, measuring the tank water level and gassing up the Jeep.

It’s supposed to get to the mid-teens tonight and then repeat the whole thing tomorrow but without so much wind. I don’t know what the wind chill factor is this afternoon but my fingers are still tingling.

Also I still haven’t found anything wrong with the water system. I’ve definitely established that there’s nothing wrong with the pump, and indeed the level didn’t drop much overnight though I do confess I kinda forgot to check till pretty late this morning. I’ll do better tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Had to break out the heavy coat for afternoon chores, from sure

  1. Ben says:

    This last message leaves me confused about the status of the water system. I thought that the tank had emptied itself except for the sludge, so how could the water level drop overnight?

  2. Joel says:

    Because I fixed the valve manifold at the base of the tank, which valve broke when I tried to close it. Then I turned the pump on. That was mid-afternoon of the day before yesterday, so there certainly should have been some water in the tank.

    The idea is to see what’s wrong with the water system without sending water to the cabin, because I don’t need the complication of frozen pipes in the crawlspace right now.

    So the current status of the water system is: Valve manifold repaired, pump in operation, the line to the cabin is sealed off, I’m going out early in the morning to see if the level drops overnight and then I’ll try to figure out where it’s going. Probably the in-line check valve.

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