Havin’ a heat wave…

Nowhere near a record, but still pretty hot.

It was supposed to go into three figures today but didn’t. Supposed to do the same thing tomorrow. Last week’s Monsoon beginning was an almost total no-show.

But I still got an unexpected flood…

…and from an unexpected source. Tobie and I went out for the evening walkie yesterday to find a stream running across the yard, and it had apparently been doing that for over an hour. Glad I saw it when I did. Seems the diverter I had on the yard faucet had deteriorated in the sun…

…and just fell off the faucet, hoses and all. I keep the faucet open because it feeds my redneck water heater, and the rest was waste and mud. Kind of gave the well pump an unscheduled workout. No serious harm done, but still. I’ve kind of gotten used to DIY infrastructure that doesn’t spontaneously fall apart.

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