Hee. I’ve known a few guys like this…

He forgot the kukri and/or tomahawk, or – gods help us – the sword.

But seriously, I’ve seen kids show up at militia meetups with 100#+ loadouts that would make Burt Gummer blush and actually try to move fast. Sometimes a wooden leg serves as a good excuse.

H/T to Kevin Wilmeth.

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2 Responses to Hee. I’ve known a few guys like this…

  1. Buck. says:

    I did see something useful. The tactical toilet paper. Now that I can use.

  2. Tam says:


    There’s a reason for carrying one carbine mag high on your weak-side chest, and that’s… uh… not it.

    That was the most bizarre part to me; the rest was all ha-ha-I-get-it, but seeing that was like seeing someone use the CD tray on their computer as a coffee cup holder.

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