Hey, remember Officer Bubbles?

He was the brainiac who busted somebody for blowing bubbles at him. On video. While maintaining an ill-considered Facebook page. Yeah, that Officer Bubbles.

Guess who’s suing YouTube?

Josephs received the nickname after a video showed him telling a young female protester that she could be arrested for blowing bubbles.

“If the bubble touches me, you’re going to be arrested for assault,” he told her. “It’s a deliberate act on your behalf, I’m going to arrest you.”

The officer is suing the website over cartoons which he claims depict an officer resembling him abusing police power. Cartoons have surfaced showing a policeman arresting such people as Santa Claus and Barack Obama.

Way to let them sleeping dogs lie, Bubbles. Rotsa Ruck.

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To the stake with the heretic!