If you say, “Wait. I can build a dozen for what that thing costs…”

…You might be a redneck.

I’ve been babysitting a neighbor’s spare AR just lately, because it gets separation anxiety and you know how destructive they can be when they’re upset. With regular care and feeding it’s been well-behaved, hasn’t snuck off at night to commit any mass shootings. But I did find it needed a leash in social occasions, because it can be aggressive around other “assault weapons.”

Normally I can whip up something like that out of what’s in my sewing box but I’d let myself run low on web strap. So a new roll arrived at last weekend’s care package drop…

Nothin’ fancy, just enough to sling it. I’m not used to ARs and it didn’t occur to me till yesterday when I was lubing it and checking for rust that they can come right apart and so the sling needs to. Bother – that used up my last quick-disconnect. But I’m ordering some propane pigtails, so…

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