Hurt my back the other day…

Or should I say my back started hurting the other day, since it started as soon as I got out of bed day before yesterday and I didn’t do anything to deserve it. As usual I can stand or lie down comfortably enough but sitting (and walking) is painful and getting out of a chair can be a torment.

Today’s not nearly as bad, which is also normal so I expect it’ll go away as mysteriously as it came. I expect it comes from going on fifty years of walking funny, and I’ve had worse. Anyway, I haven’t spent any time at all sitting at the computer, which is of course why you haven’t heard from me not that there was anything upbuilding to say.

I missed a couple of beautiful days, too, which is too bad because today it’s all overcast. They keep pushing the snow forecast back, though: It was supposed to snow today but now they say tomorrow. Might or might not. We’re almost halfway through the three months I think of as winter proper here in the high desert, and so far it’s been quite mild in temperature but rather wet. I don’t really mind the cold, having gotten used to it by now and having a warm cabin I can retreat to but the mud gets me down sometimes.

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One Response to Hurt my back the other day…

  1. Ben says:

    If you have episodic back pain, you may endure it with the (almost) sure knowledge that “this too shall pass”. Unfortunately, you may also rest assured that it will eventually return again, and likely at the worst possible time!

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