I broke a shock mount yesterday…

When I had the Jeep at the shop a couple of weeks ago the guy wanted to replace all four shocks because “the bushings are beat to shit.” I blew him off because I only put these shocks on in February.

Apparently the bushings are beat to shit. Nothing came loose, nothing was done wrong: This shock tore its upper mount right in half coming down the Bumpy Road yesterday. Both halves of the mount and the bushing are still attached to the Jeep.

This morning (I’m typing this before sunrise but posting it later so as not to step on the Care Package post) I hope to score some new bushings and mounts at the local auto parts store. If they don’t sell them, I’ll get new rear shocks. Speaking of care packages: FYI that statement wouldn’t be possible without green stamps sent very recently by Generous Readers.

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4 Responses to I broke a shock mount yesterday…

  1. Jim Price says:

    Green stamps? I didn’t know those still existed. Are there still stores that give them out? Where do you redeem them?

  2. Eric says:

    Jim, green stamps would be money, I.E. cash.
    Joel, I was and still am curious if you took the lift of the jeep in to consideration when you bought the new shocks? remember the more suspension travel you have the longer the shocks need to be. May be why your bushings are shot after only a few months.

  3. Jim Price says:

    Thanks Eric, I thought maybe I had been caught up in a time warp.

  4. terrapod says:

    Joel, picture of the mount please. The way you describe it would seem the bolt sheared but the mount and the two holes that anchor the bolt are still in place. Easy fix, new bushings and a new grade 8 bolt, though I agree with Eric on the lift/shock length issue. Also, I thought that jeeps had a u shaped strap under the axle that limited the axle drop when airborne, that to protect the shock, just as there should be a rubber pad to minimize the hit when the jeep lands again 😉 ,

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