I don’t post videos on how to waltz…

…and a lot of people shouldn’t post videos on how to be tacticool.

They just really shouldn’t.

H/T to Tam.

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6 Responses to I don’t post videos on how to waltz…

  1. I am fairly sure his breasts are bigger then mine….thats just not right. I was too distracted to listen.

  2. M J says:

    It took a few seconds to regain my composure after watching the video. I was not sure whether it was appropriate to laugh or cry.

    While I will not comment on the guy’s size (I’m a “big boy” myself) I will say that he needs to get a life.

    This kind of video does a lot to destroy the credibility of those who like to have firearms around for whatever reason. I do wish that guys like this would engage their brains before putting mouth in gear and going on YouTube.

  3. MJ you have made me feel very small indeed. Nothing wrong with big boys.

    While watching the video I was very distracted by his breasts and thought. “Oh this must be what some men talk about, when they explain how their eyes are automatically beamed on women’s accouterments and some how find it difficult to concentrate on what she is saying”…

    Blame it on the full moon.

  4. M J says:

    Hey Gray lady,

    I wasn’t taking a cheap shot at you, honest. When I wrote that I was a “big boy” well at 200 pounds and 5’8 that is simply how I see myself. The guy on YouTube has a whole lot on me, weight wise. My God, the guy can’t even reach across the couch without being out of breath.

    As for the man boobs, they are a little distracting. I think that instead of all the money spent on the hardware he puts on maybe a gym membership would be more in order, or Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig, or getting his stomach stapled.

  5. MamaLiberty says:

    Couldn’t watch the video, but I did notice the roll of duct tape in the picture. The guy can’t be all bad! LOL

  6. MJ I didn’t take it as a cheap shot, not to worry. :O)

    It just reminded me that looks was not the topic of humour in this case. I keep forgetting my old Welsh granny’s “sage” advice on looks.

    What does beauty matter when we all look pretty much the same when we have been dead for five years or so.

    Huh…I know…… she made no sense but that was my Granny and I did say she was Welsh.

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