I may be jinxing this by saying so…

… but it’s almost one in the afternoon and the sun is still shining. The road mud is drying. My driveway is still a quagmire but that’s going to go on for some time since the gully behind the Lair still has snow and drains into the driveway. No matter. I needed some sun.

Just got home from town with everything I should need to repair the Jeep’s cooling system. It cost every bit of cash I had squirreled away for emergencies, plus 44 cents. How’s that for planning? That includes a line wrench for the transmission cooler fittings, and thanks to the commenter who reminded me of them – that would have been infuriating.

It’s baking day and I’m already late for starting it, so I’ll go into auto repair mode as soon as it warms up tomorrow unless the weather plays me another dirty trick.

A couple of regular readers hit the tip jar recently which helps a lot. Thank you very much, this latest Jeep nonsense tapped me out.

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2 Responses to I may be jinxing this by saying so…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    Hope it works out well for you. Your tip jar just got hit again.

  2. phred ! says:

    I had a hell of a time removing the “quick connect” fittings from the end of the transmission cooler lines for a radiator swap a few years ago. I tried three different types of tools to remove them. I eventually found a guy on youtube with the solution – hit the fittings with a blowtorch until the plastic ring inside them melts.

    That was on a Ford. Hopefully your radiator swap goes smoothly.

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