I miss my monster.

I was reading some old posts and came upon this…

Poor Little Bear – I often called him “all my sins remembered” because when he came to me almost 14 years ago I knew nothing about puppy training or for that matter dog care. If I hadn’t let him drink well water exclusively he might still be with me, though quite old.

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8 Responses to I miss my monster.

  1. Robert says:

    If LB is in Doggie Heaven, he certainly forgives you, Joel. After all, dogs know human nature, and they smile while lovingly accepting our unavoidable deficiencies.

  2. greg says:

    I have never thought our best buddies need certain water. What was the problem with the water? Maybe it was to hard or high in total dissolved solids? Thank you so much for the heads up. And Marco my big yellow lab thanks you! Sorry for your loss.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Does this mean that Tobie is not holding your affection?

  4. Steve Di says:

    The loss never really goes away.
    Go read Kipling’s THE POWER OF THE DOG.

  5. Joel says:

    Does this mean that Tobie is not holding your affection?

    No, not at all. Though Tobie has been a difficult puppy, he has smarts that LB could never match and I have no doubt we’re going to have a great life. But I do admit I’m still kind of paying dues to get there. I paid dues when LB was a difficult adolescent, too, but I loved him.

  6. Mark Matis says:

    So is Tobie’s bed going with you to Ian’s? Or will he have to sleep on the cold hard floor?

  7. Ben says:

    If Joel can’t heat Ian’s place, it may be a one-dog night. No need for a dog bed!

  8. Joel says:

    Greg: The well water is absurdly hard, made me sick after six years of drinking it and I should have had the sense to get the dogs off it when I started trucking in drinking water from town. Oddly it never seemed to bother Ghost but it almost certainly killed Little Bear in the fullness of time. Serious urinary problems.

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