I roll my eyes in the weather’s general direction…

You know that devastating winter storm that was going to kill us all like unto doomed extras in a preachy global warming movie? Yeah, apparently it wasn’t important after all. I guess the weather just decided, “Oh. Well, if I can’t ruin Landlady’s weekend what’s the use of wasting a great storm ruining Joel’s?” Like I don’t count for anything.

So we did have freezing rain and snow for a while Friday morning but then it just lost interest or something. Yesterday morning the clouds broke up; there was a fairly unpleasant wind for a while but I didn’t even wear my winter coat to town and mostly didn’t suffer for it.

Not saying Landlady shouldn’t have cancelled, because the scheduled work for Friday wouldn’t have happened and the road through the prairie between us and the big town about fifty miles away can get extremely unpleasant during this sort of spell; actively dangerous in fact, with whiteouts and black ice and wind that will knock your ass right through a guardrail and over a cliff. And before she even gets to that she has to cross a high mountain range where the snow can hit “turn around if you value your life“ levels. Why suffer through all that for hours just for a chance to rusticate in the cold and accomplish nothing? No, she made the right choice. I’m just saying that of course as soon as she made it the weather decided to go all ironic just to be a dick.

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