Ich bin ein baker.

Today has been scheduled for baking all week, and in addition to the usual I wanted to do something unusual: Actual bread sticks.

I like to keep snacks around, BB has spoiled me that way, but for reasons not to be discussed in public this is a lean month for money. I can’t buy munchies but happily I can bake as many as I like. Should be doing that anyway but I’ve gotten lazy. A quick trip to the bookshelf gives me the modification I need to convert ordinary bread dough…

…into munchie dough.

And while that was baking, I could get set up for my usual bread.

Not my prettiest loaf ever, but it all eats the same.

This all took quite a lot of time and I was well past my usual time to go do chicken chores. I would have just walked over there with Tobie, but I had some hay to deliver and so had to take the Jeep. Leaving Tobie alone in the cabin with a still-hot loaf of bread is not at all smart. He is now easily able to clean off the counter halfway to the wall. But at least for now, just a little precaution keeps him away from the bounty.

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6 Responses to Ich bin ein baker.

  1. Klaus says:

    I have bin in bäcker,und noch dazu eine gute.

  2. Robert says:

    Ich bin ein grumpy old guy who cheats by using a Goldstar bread making machine. It rocks! Sadly, out of production, of course.

    Joel’s breadsticks look yummy. Can’t do that in a bread loaf makin’ machine.

  3. paulb says:

    Crackers. now that would be interesting. I love me some crackers.

  4. Joel says:

    Crackers are easy. Rather salty for my taste.

  5. Sendarius says:

    My bread-loaf making machine has an alert when the dough is mixed and risen, before cooking starts.
    I just open the lid and remove the dough at that time, and can then do whatever I want with it – pizza bases, bread sticks, bread rolls, you name it.
    The user manual lists various recipes for different bread types, so any fine-tuning of the mix has a solid place to start.

  6. Ben says:

    Those breadsticks need cinnamon and sugar.

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