I’m still here…

I never actually decided to take a weekend away from the internet, it just sort of worked out that way. Truth is I’ve been mostly sitting around looking out the window, wishing it wasn’t winter anymore. I’m going through a spate of not caring enough to get off my duff, and you can imagine the vast reservoirs of deep, profound mental activity.

Basically, I’ve been getting out for chicken chores out of a doomed sort of sense of obligation, and otherwise just sitting around reading.

The ladies are doing well, though…

Another personal best this morning, 14, with 11 coming from our 12 leghorns. Kind of cheating a bit, since I got there late this morning and one of the eggs in that basket was laid while I was picking up other eggs elsewhere. So tomorrow will not be a personal record.

Today’s shaping up to be a lovely day, and I really need to drag myself outdoors to shake off my blahs. Sorry about the lack of communication, there just hasn’t been anything worth blathering about. In fact I never even opened the laptop all weekend.

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5 Responses to I’m still here…

  1. Big Al says:

    Glad u r ok Joel. Was worried.

  2. Judy says:

    “…I never even opened the laptop all weekend.” Good for you! Maybe the ol’ bod-n-brain decided you needed a little vacation.

    Are you going to experiment with making angel food cakes with all those eggs? Had a great-aunt that was determined to learn how to make them. She went through a case of eggs before she could produce a good one. The story also includes the dog sitting and howling at a couple of the disasters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We were worried too. How’s the water situation.

  4. Mike says:

    Glad that you’re back Joel. Oh, and speaking (writing?) about eggs…


  5. Zelda says:

    If you feel a break time away from the computer is coming, before you slope off to do nothing maybe one short post, Back in a few days, something like that. Some of us include your blog with our morning meal of Spam, eggs, biscuits and multiple cups of coffee so we’ve been staring out the window too – given how and where you live and the ever increasing hoards of mice and rats that surround you, unexpected silence is for sure a concern.

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