I’ve decided on Laddie’s Gulch name…

…since – I’m sorry, ML, but “Laddie” is just a dumb name for a dog. Hell, why not “Rover?” Or “Rex?”

He answers to Laddie so that’ll probably stay, but in my heart I’m going to call him Torso Boy.

Because he’s a more-or-less normally-proportioned smallish brown dog who was the butt of a really dirty trick when they handed out legs.

Sigh – but I’m afraid we’ve figured out what he’s been after with all the middle-of-the-night alarms…

He’s fine in his own bed during the day but seems to think he needs to sleep under the blankets with a person at night. And if you let him do that, he wriggles to the bottom of the bed and you won’t hear a peep out of him till you actually sit up in the morning. If you don’t, he’ll be a nervous wreck all night long and will ambush you the moment you even begin to gain consciousness. So you may as well just let him, and then you can both go back to sleeping through peaceful nights.

We’ve been doing that the past few nights, and a lot of his nervous tics have backed off.

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5 Responses to I’ve decided on Laddie’s Gulch name…

  1. coloradohermit says:

    I can’t even imagine sleeping without at least one dog in bed with us. Although it was a tad crowded when we had the 60 lb Aussie and 2 toy poodles. Laddie will help keep you warm and cozy when winter nights kick in for real. 😉

  2. Mark Matis says:

    Now you’re all set for a one dog night!

  3. Mike says:

    And henceforth, Torso Boy (formally known as Laddie) shall be known in these hallowed pages as TB… :^)

  4. Tsgt Joe says:

    Though we just lost our “pretty boy” we have a new rescue dog supposed to be a cocapoo ( cocker poodle) like laddie he has a stocky body and strangely short legs. Been trying to find the right name for him, the humane society named him Erisson, I suggested to my wife thet we call him “bob”, she asked me why, all I could come up with is that he doesnt look like a bill. At this point it doesnt matter, he doesnt speak english anyway, he’s from Lebanon and probably understands Arabic. With all the strays we have, we import strays from lebanon. The local humane society had met a plane from lebanon in chicago and brought 9 dogs to midland, we had him the same day. Bob is one banged up dog, at some point all his legs were broken and the vet is still evaluating whether one of his back legs will have to be amputated. If they do amputate can we call him Joel?

  5. Jeremy Aal says:

    Susan would faint if she saw that picture. With dogs, she laid down the law: no dogs on the furniture.

    During the ten weeks Laddie stayed with me, things were a little different. I sleep on a thin mat on the floor, so he made a habit of cuddling into the foot of the blankets about 7 seconds after I made the bed on the first night. He never got on the couch … mostly because the whole vertically-challenged issue.

    So, I suppose I may be to blame for allowing such dubious behaviour under my roof and he got cozy with it. But, I blame Susan. She is the one that made sleeping on the bed a forbidden fruit!

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