Joel Ludd … In the Twenty-First … CENTURY!!

Well, I went to town today, hoping to buy a new pair of boots. Found the boots for quite a bit less than I feared, and did something completely frivolous with some of the surplus. I bought myself one of them thar MP3 player thangs.

Yup, I do admit that my consumer electronics elevator stopped going to the top right around the time cassette tape players went out of style. If it weren’t for cell phones being so cheap there’s virtually no excuse not to have one, I wouldn’t. Blackberry? IPhone? Whazzat? But now I got me a little doodad that plays music right into your ear.

Supposedly it’ll even work with ebooks and videos, though it’s hard to imagine wanting to do either of those things on that itsy-bitsy little screen. Still, the old CD player I brought to the Lair doesn’t work worth a damn, and the radio only gets two channels down in the Lair’s holler and they’re both (erg) country music. So I guess it was time.

I do use Linux, though, so some of my geek karma ought to be on the good side of the ledger, right?

I mean … spreadsheet.

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3 Responses to Joel Ludd … In the Twenty-First … CENTURY!!

  1. Mayberry says:

    Ha ha! I don’t even have a cheapo cell phone. Computersaurus Rex and my MP3 player are my only electronifed gizmos I own. And mine’s loaded with (erg) country music : ) It’s real Texas country, if that’s any consolation! Okay, I do like some rock and roll…

  2. Joel says:

    Well yeah, TEXAS country. That’s different.

  3. Julie says:

    lol – i’ve got the cell phone – but that’s it … admittedly I have used the camera function on it.

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