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I’m planning to put a little bar sink/water fountain up in the sleeping loft, because it would really be a drag to have to put on my leg and go down a ladder every time I wanted a drink of water in the middle of the night. That meant I needed one water line inside the cabin’s long wall. Everything else comes up through the floor: Piece of cake.

So, having bought the boring bit I needed yesterday, I put the boys in Gitmo early and went to the cabin to bore some holes. Along about eight, I left to go shovel shit. I was there about two and a half hours (the flies are getting bad, and J&H are demanding I clean up all the soiled hay around the feeders, where the horses pee and make a horrible, fly-breeding mess. Takes up a lot of space in the shitwagon, which means a lot of trips to the manure pile) I came back to the cabin.

It rained yesterday afternoon, so I could see all the car tracks coming to the Lair. Should have only been two: Mine coming and mine going. Instead there were at least three. Who’s been visiting the Lair in my absence, wondered I.

All was explained when I got there:
Somebody who knew I was using old clothing as insulation left me a donation. Which is pretty cool of them, if a bit disconcerting. It’s supposed to be Joel’s Secret Lair, not Joel’s Neighborhood Hangout.

I did get some work done before I ran out of steam. I had enough flexible pipe left over from running the water down the slope last summer to run the water line through the new holes in the wall up to the loft, then having installed that I could get back to work on paneling. I’m filling the gap between the wall with rolled-up clothing as the paneling goes up.

This part under the window will all be kitchen counter, and if it weren’t for the style of insulation I wouldn’t even spend paneling on it. So I’m using up the ugly stuff there. It’s coming along pretty well.

But I’m gonna have to knock off work pretty quick and go try to make some money. Last week I bled myself dry buying plumbing stuff, plus I’m getting dangerously into hock with people for not being able to meet regular monthly obs, like (ahem) my share of the satellite service. I haven’t been in debt for so long it’s scary when it happens.

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4 Responses to Joel’s Semi-Secret Lair…

  1. Pat H. says:

    A couple of things.

    If you don’t know it, horse manure is idea garden fert, about 5% nitrogen and otherwise very good organic material to enhance soil quality. Stir it in everywhere. The only exception is if the horses have been feeding on hay treated with certain herbicides. Those pass through the horse and will kill things like tomatoes.

    The sink/water source is a good idea, but one which you may not have though about is a “pot filler” faucet in your kitchen. I gave one to my wife for our anniversary three years ago and I love it almost as much as she does. The dedicated articulated pot filler faucets are expensive, but a low cost, classic single valve swinging faucet would be enough. You mount this over your stove or cook top so that it fills pots sitting on your stove. You only need cold water service to it. Believe me, you’ll be very please with having it.

  2. desert fox says:

    Maybe Coyote has learned to drive and he brought you the clothes for insulation.


  3. suek says:

    You might try some of these:

    Price right now is about 2.99 each, and they’re very effective. Don’t hang them where the horses can get to them, although they probably won’t touch them deliberately. Put them slightly away from the horses and people places – they’ll draw the flies.

    I was looking for Golden Malrin, but didn’t find any on that site. I’ll see if I can find some. Looking for some for me as well! I don’t know if it’s even available any more, it’s been so long since I bought any – but if you keep it airtight, it keeps…and I’ve just run out.

    (it used to be yellow – hence, “golden” – but now it’s blue. Last I saw, it was still called “golden”…really odd)

  4. suek says:

    Best source I found. 5 lbs, $20 plus shipping. As I said, stored in an airtight container (jar with good lid), it’ll keep. Unless your fly problem is _HUGE_ , this much should last at least 2 years.

    Link is to KV Supply. It was way too long…!

    If anyone has a problem with chemicals, or if they find throwing the fly bags away, another option is what’s called a “Big Stinky”. It has a gallon sized jar plus a lid that allows flies in but not out. The name is descriptive. They work – but _somebody_ has to empty them! Not a pleasant chore! You can also buy just a lid for 2-3 bucks and put it on any jar. cheaper, but you still have to empty the jar occasionally.

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