Just another day…

The Spring wind hasn’t backed off at all, filling my game camera with thousands of pics of waving junipers…

…and filling my sinuses with dust and pollen. I’ve spent most of my days emptying tissue boxes. With a few forays out of the cabin for quotidian tasks…

And sumptuous meals.

Yeah – that elk steak came out pretty well. There’s still plenty left, currently warming up in the Crockpot for this evening’s supper. Tobie keeps telling me it’s too much for one man but he’ll help me carry the load if I’ll only take the stick out of my ass and ask for help.

It appears I have some new neighbors. Longtime readers might remember me talking about the Claire Cabins. They were falling apart when I wrote about them four years ago and they’re not in better shape now but they have new owners who seem intent on repairing them and living there. I rode my bike to town a few days ago and on my way back I noticed a couple of trucks surrounded by a buttload of tools and new material. Another older couple, possibly deluded possibly not but given the frequency with which people move here and then move away when they get a load of reality I know which way to bet, plan on living fulltime in that tiny cabin and doing god knows what with the greenhouse.

They have already run into a big roadblock concerning what used to be the well – I guess we’ll see how it goes from there. For the record they’re the third owners of that parcel I know of since I’ve lived here.

Also I just finished binging a great British show on DVD…

If you’re a Terry Pratchett and/or Neil Gaiman fan and you haven’t already seen it, you need to treat yourself to this. It’s a hoot.

Sorry about the downtime, really nothing very interesting going on just now but I’ll keep my eyes open.

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2 Responses to Just another day…

  1. Ben says:

    UTube keeps an assortment of free movies available for streaming, and we find that because they are free, we don’t have to be particularly picky. We invest 15 minutes (or so) in a movie that we would certainly never pay for, and often end up watching the whole thing, sometimes we even find (to us) a sleeper hit.

    The other night it was Wille Nelson’s (I had forgotten that he was ever in a movie) “Red Headed Stranger”. It was kinda spaghetti westernish, but I would classify it as “not terrible “. What do you expect for free?

  2. Mike says:

    I really liked watching Good Omens when it hit Prime Video, and I’m looking forward to Good Omens 2 when it hits on July 28th.

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