Let there be light!

I may have accidentally jazzed some life into the big old sulfated deep-cycle battery I dragged to the lair last month. I’d tried charging it by hooking it directly to a solar panel, which gave it 17+ volts and initially didn’t seem to do a thing – I wasn’t getting nearly enough voltage from the inverter even after a couple of days’ charge.

The past couple of weeks I haven’t been spending much time or labor at the lair, and never bothered to disconnect the panel from the battery since the battery’s welfare was apparently of no concern. But those weeks of overcharging seem to have had a good effect. I’ve got 110+ volts out of the outlets I connected to the inverter, and the one connected test fixture will nicely light a CFL. Very cool! I’m presently digging out the trenches that filled in during Monsoon so I can run the plumbing, but now I’m all excited about hooking up some light fixtures in there.

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