Living in Fear

The emotion in the country is really interesting. You hear a lot of people talk about anger. It’s not anger. It’s absolute fear. People are petrified about the future about everything from health care to judicial nominees. It seems their foundational confidence is shaken, economically and from an individual-rights perspective. And it’s not just conservatives in Oklahoma who feel that way

He missed a few things – like ObamaCare, and Donald Bermick, and “deeming” budgets into existence, and all the growing evidence that that crap about Obama being a socialist wasn’t hyperbole after all. And he brought friends.

When the person voters put in charge of the government, who presumes to rule you as well, turns out so objectionable that your only remaining hope lies in his hubris and incompetence, maybe fear is a rational reaction. Personally I’m glad I live where I do, where what-all the government is up to may not be completely irrelevant, but at least it isn’t a daily concern.

But seriously, isn’t that guy from the government supposed to at least be able to claim he’s here to “help?” Claim’s wearing kinda thin, if you ask me.

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