Look who’s … still not exactly thrilled with Jeep rides

I mean he’s gone from panicked to resigned, which is pretty good progress in less than a month. He’ll get in on his own now – with sometimes quite a bit of prompting. He hasn’t tried to jump out lately. He’s making progress.

He seems to have overcome his digestive issues. He has been introduced to the sublime pleasures of peanut butter…

…and found them good. Torso Boy was a terrible disappointment to me in that one regard. A dog that doesn’t like peanut butter? Sad.

We’re making progress. I think I kind of rushed getting him off the leash. When he learned that there really wasn’t any way for me to control him once he was out of reach, he decided that meant I stopped getting a vote where he goes outdoors – and that’s not how this is going to work. So we’re going to need sessions with the trick collar, and unfortunately the receiver on the set a Generous Reader sent me doesn’t want to charge up. So I’ve got another coming with the next mail drop, but until then he’s stuck on the leash again.

Other than that, he’s settling in nicely! He’s got such a great disposition, and unlike TB’s first year here he really seems to like me. Which, since he’s definitely still a puppy, can get a bit irritating when he decides it’s playtime.

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2 Responses to Look who’s … still not exactly thrilled with Jeep rides

  1. Robert says:

    In the jeep photo I swear I can hear a resigned sigh. You got a good’un, Joel.

  2. eli says:

    six weeks, minimum. the first six weeks, every privilege is earned. Its a minimum amount of time needed to introduce a dog to his new home, to work out any differences in expectations. this is when the recall is reinforced with a reward every time. make it worth his investment.

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