More snow…

Mostly overnight, because I found 2 inches of light powder on the solar panels. But it started up again just in time for morning walkie.

Just flurries, and without yesterday’s nasty cold wind so we could continue on a proper walkie.

Tobie was digging it, and also trying to be a good boy, so at one point…

I put my back to the corner of the pumphouse and let him work out his zoomies to the full extent of the long lead. This is normally forbidden: One of Uncle Joel’s little rules is that big boys learn to control their zoomie impulses. But I sort of declared it a snow day. And then of course had trouble getting him to behave for the whole rest of the walkie, but whatever. Hopefully he’ll get a proper nap and let me have my book for a couple of hours. The batteries are already feeling all this gloom and cold, so I need to take my entertainment low-tech.

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One Response to More snow…

  1. Robert says:

    You just demonstrated a reason to like old-school paper books over them new-fangled e-reader contraptions.

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